Collapse of an American City

The collapse of an American city — Chicago is gone. Is New York City next? They have a Democrat mayor who is very anti-police. You suppress the police, the NYPD, in New York and the long knives will come out in the streets. This mayor just disbanded the undercover cops. He has no idea what he is doing. No idea what he is unleashing… These left-wing politicians have such a fairy tale view of reality, a reality that doesn’t include what is happening now in Chicago. Glad I don’t live in NYC anymore. It has a very bleak future imo. Back to the grim days of the 70s with lots of street crime and violence. Getting knifed in the subway for the change in your pocket. Remember Bernie Goetz? That’s where NYC is headed. With the police backing off, you are left to fend for yourself — there’s no other choice. No thanks, not for me, bye bye NY, was nice knowing ya.

Collapse of Chicago

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