All the oils, including olive oil, are considered processed foods that don’t have enough nutrition to justified their excessive calories from all that pure and concentrated fat, so most plant-based eaters avoid or minimize oils (for instance, instead of cooking with oils, use vegetable broth or even water). Instead of olive oil, eat actual olives instead — they have those good fats (monounsaturated) but also the very beneficial fiber.

Tofu from non-GMO soy is a high quality source of protein, despite what the meat industry would have you think about soy products. The magic of tofu is that it marinates in whatever foods you want to use — I use it for curry/turmeric/pepper.

Consider getting that particular combination, turmeric/pepper, into your daily diet for health purposes. Turmeric without some pepper is absorbed by the body less efficiently so you don’t get all the health benefits.

Losing Weight

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