“Opium of the People”

Religion is based on man’s need to understand life and the universe, so he invents god or gods and a complete ideology (religion) that explains it all, but in truth it explains nothing, and life and the universe remain deep and unsolvable mysteries. Even our science doesn’t really explain anything. The evidence is that 14 billion years ago something happened that we refer to as the “big bang.” That’s how far we’ve gotten toward the truth…it was a big bang — terrific. What actually happened, why it happened, etc., none of that is explained or will ever be explained.
The closest thing we come to any kind of deep truth is our knowledge of matter, the periodic table, and how the different substances behave and what produced them (other than hydrogen and helium, the rest were all produced by suns). And we know a good deal about human psychology and anatomy. But as for religion, it is equivalent to your comfort pillow at night when you are sleeping, the one you hug to feel safe and secure. Kind of pathetic in a way.
But there are deep mysteries in the universe, which makes me an agnostic, not an atheist. I don’t see how an atheist can know for certain there is no higher being — where is the proof? There is none As an agnostic, I know that I do not know. That’s all i can know. That’s probably all I will ever know at the deepest and most mysterious levels.

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