A Retiree and the Virus

Trying to limit my trips to the supermarket to one trip per week to reduce exposure. As a retiree, it’s my only contact with people, so it’s my one serious risk. When the pandemic gets much worse, I may not go at all.

I’ve ordered masks online but after I ordered them found out they are made in China. Dang. China not known for quality control, to say the least. Would be pretty ironic to catch the virus from one of these masks from China. Not sure if I’m going to use them or not. I may just let them sit for a week or so to make sure they aren’t contaminated.

Strange virus if you think about it.  So many who are infected are asymptomatic but then the virus is also a killer — go figure. The obvious question is why are some people asymptomatic? Must have something to do with the strength of their immune system, I would guess. But what exactly?  Is anyone asking that question?

Penalty for Coronavirus?

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