Our Future

West coast cities are turning into sewers under the Democrats.  They just flat out don’t know how to government worth a damn.  Good at getting your vote; terrible at actually governing.  Chicago is another example.  Is New York next — about to slide back to the crazy, lawless place it was back in the 70s and early 80s?  Wouldn’t surprise me because the long-term residents there are leaving in droves, and being replaced with poor immigrants, many of them illegal immigrants.  We all know how that ends up.  The tax base gets eroded, while welfare costs go through the roof.

Cities overrun with the homeless, illegal immigrants, and drug addicts…needles and human waste everywhere  — our future.

Long-time residents of San Francisco can’t get out of the city fast enough.  They are fleeing.  I don’t blame them a bit.  I would too.

The real tipping point for a city comes when the police stop policing because it has become too dangerous for them to go into large sections of the city.  That’s already happened in Chicago.  That would be the next leg down for San Fran and LA.  When that happens, the descent into chaos is unavoidable.

Most Americans have the happy illusion that ours is a well ordered and peaceful society.  That might be the case for country life and small towns across the country, but when you get to the level of cities, the facts tell a quite different story.  St. Louis, for instance, is ranked the 16th most dangerous city in the entire world.  I don’t think it will be long before the United States has a city in the top 10, perhaps more than one.


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