Al Gore the Hero

I must say I think Al Gore has been a heroic crusader for climate change in the face of stark denial by all the Republicans.

Of course the Republicans are in denial because it threatens the use of fossil fuels, which are the spark, literally, for economic development, their number one priority.  But the climate will not pay any attention at all to such denials, and it will just get hotter and hotter with the greater and greater greenhouse effect.

Republicans are in denial about climate change, just as surely as Democrats are in denial that abortion is murder (another inconvenient truth).  You know when people are in denial when they deny the obvious — like the Left-wing governments in Europe turning a blind eye to the wave of crime and violence, not to mention terrorist attacks, from the hordes of unintegrated Muslim immigrants.  Problem is denial doesn’t make the issue go away, just like putting your hands in front of your eyes doesn’t make the train barreling toward you go away.

And this runaway train of climate change is very real — Al Gore’s more recent An Inconvenient Sequel is just as provocative, stunning, and convincing as his original  documentary An Inconvenient Truth, maybe even more so.

My opinion: unfortunate you are if you happen to own any property in Miami.  My advice: best to sell when you still can — even if you take a bath (pun intended), for the bath you will take later will be much much worse.

In fact, I would venture to say that all beachfront property is a poor investment going forward.  And this will not change because of denials; in fact, the denials today make this a certainty tomorrow.

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