Carbon Removal Techniques

The so-called Green New Deal is from lala land.  It presupposes that fossil fuels can be replaced by alternative energy sources such as sunlight, wind, etc.  Problem is those alternatives barely make up a small fraction of the total, and far from being reduced, it looks like the use of fossil fuels is actually accelerating — China, for instance, doubled their use of oil in just one year in 2016.  So the real issue is how to deal with the amount of excess carbon in the atmosphere despite this acceleration, despite the use of fossil fuels, which are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

A more practical approach — that might actually achieve something — might be removing the carbon from the atmosphere.  Can we tackle the climate change problem by filtering out carbon from the air around us?  The link below explores the practicality of this approach in some detail.

I also think we must come up with solutions for capturing the carbon before it is released as a gas into the atmosphere.  This would be for both cars with their exhaust pipes as well as for factories with their chimneys spewing the stuff into the air.  A carbon tax might be made so costly that private companies would see the cost/benefit of investing in a technology that would allow them to trap the carbon instead of releasing it as a gas.  Ditto for cars that continue to spew the gas out of tailpipes.

There should be a national Plant A Tree program to get each family involved in exploiting this natural remedy.  Trees inhale carbon and exhale oxygen — what am I missing?  Isn’t that a real solution and not from lala land.

Carbon Removal Techniques

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