Suppressing Free Speech

Ann Coulter

Benjamin Aaron Shapiro

Tucker Carlson

Candace Owen

Paul Joseph Watson

Victor David Hanson

Katie Hopkins

All brilliant.  All talented debaters.  All conservatives.  No wonder the left wants to suppress free speech or label it hate speech, which is the same thing.  I wouldn’t want to debate any of the above either.

But then the left doesn’t really debate, does it?  It just slanders — skillful at slander, not so much at debate.  So debate is a no-go zone.  Down with free speech.

Yet there was a time when free speech and open debate were revered, and just about everyone concurred in their value.

And way back in the 18th century, one can easily imagine the derivation of our 1st Amendment — the occupying British, no doubt, looked down upon any talk about independence from the British Empire, and were eager to suppress it.

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