Salad Bowls

I’m exploring Boston for a week.  I’ve been coming across these eateries where you pick the ingredients for a large and interesting salad — a place called Sprouts on Huntington Avenue, another called energize (lc “e”) on Massachusetts Avenue, a third called sweetgreen (lc “s” and first “e” inverted) on Boylston Street, and a fourth called honeygrow (lc “h”) also on Boylston but further out, near Fenway Park.  (I guess the culinary world in Boston is fascinated by e.e. cummings!)

All four salad bowls were spectacular…and off the chart as far as nutrition goes.  Verde in Charleston, S.C., was another eatery with this kind of approach to wonderful salad bowls and powerful nutrition.

The ironic thing about these places is that for 12 bucks or so you get a very original and imaginative hearty salad that’s packed with a crazy level of nutrients (leafy greens being the all stars compared to other foods in general), but you could go to a pricey restaurant — I call them the “cloth napkin” type restaurants — and pay through the nose for the meal, but end up with a fraction of the nutrition and way more calories.

And then there was the salad bar in the Whole Foods in Atlanta, Ga., which was in a class by itself.  Some of the plant-based ingredients and combinations completely original, at least to me.  Droves of people showed up there every day at lunch and make themselves wonderful salads.  While the WF salad bar in Atlanta was at a different level, the WF salad bar in Boston was rather pathetic in comparison.  Go figure.

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