Had a rather large cup of red wine a week ago, and it was like a wrecking ball to my system.  I hadn’t had any alcohol in over 2 years.  Startling how devastating a single cup of wine can be for your system.

I suppose people who drink on a regular or daily basis get a bit removed from how much of a shock alcohol is to their system.  That doesn’t mean that it is less devastating to their health (and liver), only that they are desensitized to the impact, which in a way is kind of sinister, in that they don’t fully realize how malevolent alcohol is when they are using it.

I remember smoking cigarettes was the same way.  When you first smoke cigarettes, you choke on the smoke, and it makes you feel ill and woozy, but after you get used to smoking cigarettes, the smoke doesn’t bother you, and you don’t feel sick from it, but the smoking  is still undermining your health.

Interesting that in both cases — booze and smoking — the body is trying to tell you something with its initial repulsion.  But do you listen?

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