Witch Hunt

Trump is going to be crowing about the Russian collusion hoax for the next 5 years, and will use it at every opportunity to skewer the Dems with a thick coat of nasty ridicule.

Russian collusion is going to be a constant theme in his sarcastic speeches.   He’ll paint a picture of the Dems as dishonest connivers trying to pull a fast one on the American public.  And who is to say he is wrong?

Truth is, it was a farce from the get go, used simply for political advantage by cynical politicians and media — a media interested in promoting a left-wing ideology while goosing ratings with insinuating, who-done-it stories of Trump’s “lackeys”.  Just shows how dominant and controlling media in the US can be when they want to promote a false story, which is more than a little frightening.

But it’s not all a loss.  America learned a new word: “collusion”.

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