Character Assassination

The Left goes after anyone they disagree with by calling them a Nazi or a racist or Right Wing — or all of the above.  The tactic has become very obvious.  And of course this includes the media — in fact, the media is a driving force behind this baleful tactic, not to mention academia as well.

But the truth is there are relatively few American Nazis, and they are held in contempt as a lunatic fringe by the general public.  Also, the number of actual racists in the country is also relatively small — certainly nothing compared to the number of racists in the 50s and early 60s.  In fact, the overwhelming majority of sane Americans readily see the justice of equal opportunity for all races, so the use of the racist slur by the Left is particularly lame.

Then there is the slur that with your contrarian and conservative views, you are actually a member of the Right Wing.  The myriad people the Left associates with the so-called Right Wing is in fact growing by leaps and bounds — witness the #walkaway movement. But their “crime” isn’t that these contrarians are far right of center, but that their thinking contradicts some of the more lunatic ideological ideas of the Left taken to extremes.

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