The Ugly American — All Over Again

Not sure the administration’s open hostility to the government in Venezuela is such a smart policy.  To the rest of the world, it smacks of more American imperialism. Not that I endorse the current Venezuelan government there, but they were elected.  Remember democracy?  That’s what we are supposed to stand for.

Instead, the US is using a tight embargo to make the country’s already fragile economic condition that much worse, and basically backing a coup by endorsing the legitimacy of this opposition leader.  They have given him access to the Venezuelan funds here in the US, even though he has never been elected.  How is this anything but a hostile and undemocratic overthrow of the government of another country?  The “ugly American” all over again.

Rather than an embargo, what would have been a refreshing change in policy if the US had simply sent foodstuffs and supplies to a population on the edge of widespread starvation — foodstuffs with no strings attached and no ulterior motive.   We do this kind of humanitarianism in foreign affairs very well, and much better than blundering imperialism.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful for the US, for a change, to do something with a high moral purpose, as in staving off starvation — simply because it is the right thing to do…because we will not tolerate starvation in the Western Hemisphere.  Period.

And here’s a new flash to the State Department: Venezuela is not our country to do with what we will because we can.  Leave their politics to the Venezuelans.  It’s not our friggin’ business.

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