Sugar Addicts

I’m on vacation in Charleston, and every morning I go to a bakery selling “gourmet donuts.”  I buy a cup of coffee there, not a donut.  But every morning, without fail, I see a parent come in with their children, and they excitedly buy these donuts that have an incredible amount of sugar and unhealthy fat — just way over the top, yet the parents feed their kids this stuff without a thought in the world, no hesitation at all.

I just have to think that the parents are really just completely clueless about nutrition and food to be doing this, for clearly they would not intentionally harm their own children, would they?  They simply must have no idea at all how really bad refined sugar is for health, for each one of these donuts is like a sugar nuke — the sugary frosting is so incredibly thick (that’s the “gourmet” part, I guess), and so must be an intense explosion for the taste buds as well as an incredible surge of dopamine.  All this a strong reinforcement for a food that could not be worse for health.  Makes one wonder about how reprehensible these parents really are — or does ignorance excuse them?

I also see the same people show up every morning at the donut shop — sugar addicts, whether they know it or not.

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