Leaky Gut

I keep coming across references to problems developing when there are breaks in the lining of the small intestines, which leads to inflammation.  Apparently that wall that separates the small intestines from the blood vessels is only one cell thick.  It seems that that problem, a leaky gut, can lead to all kinds of problems. 

The last one I read about had to do with plaque in the blood vessel.  The author asserted that with a leaky gut, proteins that shouldn’t have gotten into the blood vessel, do get in.  This causes a white blood cell attack on them but also, indiscriminately, on LDL as well (the white blood cells go crazy attacking all proteins), which can lead to a break down in the cholesterol molecule, which creates the smaller version of the cholesterol that tends to stick to the blood vessel walls.  So if this is true, a break in the lining is a prime cause of plaque build up in the blood vessel. 

But if there is a break in the lining, a huge range of baddies, like toxins, can get into the blood vessels and cause havoc.  I suspect a lot of the autoimmune problems today stem from breaks in the lining of the small intestines, as the white blood cells go on a tear and attack everything.  Anyway, here’s a very good reason not to juice, as you toss out that precious fiber, which ultimately keeps that lining intact.

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