The book I’m reading about enzymes makes the argument that, if you supplement with a digestive enzyme pill, this relieves some of the pressure on the pancreas to create digestive enzymes, so that the body can then make a fuller complement of metabolic enzymes, which are critical to your health: Enzyme Nutrition by Dr. Edward Howells.

He argues that you should take a digestive enzyme supplement, but also eat more raw food because the enzymes in raw food have not been destroyed by heat.  Again, the enzymes in raw food take the pressure off the pancreas to create digestive enzymes and so you get a boost to your metabolic enzymes.

In other words, he sees an inverse relationship between digestive enzymes and metabolic enzymes.  Eat a lot of cooked and/or processed foods without any enzymes, and your pancreas will be doing double time, and your metabolic enzymes will be that much weaker, which leads to serious illnesses.

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