I am an ovo-vegetarian.  I eat a plant-based diet, but I also eat eggs.  I don’t eat eggs because I’m concerned with protein deficiency in a plant-based diet, although, unlike plants, an egg does provide a “complete” protein, i.e., all the essential amino acids.  If you eat a half-way decently diversified plant-based diet, you will also get all the essential amino acids.  That’s a non-issue to me.

I eat one hard-boiled egg every other day because of the known B12 deficiency in a vegetarian diet, but also because of the possible choline deficiency.  Choline is vital for several key metabolic processes in the body.

The recommended daily amount of choline for males is 550 mg, although some nutritionists argue this is an arbitrary number and should be higher.  I’m not at all sure a vegetarian diet provides 550 mg daily.  The problem is that, while many planted-based foods do contain choline, none contain it in a large quantity.  Not true of eggs — an egg is packed with choline.

I buy only Pete and Gerry’s free-range, organic, humane eggs.  In 10 days, I will have eaten exactly 5 hard-boiled eggs sprinkled with pepper.  Not a huge part of my diet, but a very strategic one.

Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs


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