Swing Vote

American politics has come down to two very dogmatic parties.  This is reflected also in the political map of the United States, where the two coasts and their cities are liberal, while the heartland is uniformly conservative.  The two countries within the United States couldn’t be any more different.

People say it is unfortunate that we don’t have more bipartisanship, but realistically we haven’t had any of that going all the way to the 60’s.  And right now the two parties couldn’t be more opposed to each other on a whole host of key issues: immigration, healthcare, welfare, climate change, gun control, taxes, abortion, tariffs, etc.  You name it, there’s just a clear black and white divide between the two parties, so that to hope for more bipartisanship, although it may sound like an attractive alternative, is merely pie in the sky thinking.

I would argue instead that, now, the block of voters who call themselves Independents are the key to the direction of the country.  They are the pivotal swing vote for either of the dogmatic parties to gain an advantage over the other party.  How the Independents vote from this point on will determine everything, so the two parties would be wise to  focus their attention on winning them over — that’s a winning strategy today, not the hope for more bipartisanship, which, perhaps sadly, is a thing of the past.

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