Slimy Liberals

Liberals have long used such slurs as racist, homophobic, sexist, religious bigot, etc. — the entire arsenal of political correctness — but the new and explosive one is the sexual misconduct slur.  It’s another arrow in the Left’s quiver for destroying their opposition, and the public has been totally primed for this new type of mud slinging by the truly horrific cases of actual sexual predators in some very high-profile cases.

So this new slur is a very potent one, even when used for incidents that would ordinarily pass as less than noteworthy, even harmless — certainly nowhere near blameworthy enough to destroy a man’s reputation and even his livelihood, and yet that’s exactly the intent despite having little or no justification.  But the point is the sexual-misconduct slur, even when unjustified, works very nicely to skewer the targeted — and now hapless — political opponent.

Yet it raises the issue, who is really slimier here: the Left-winger exploiting such a baseless and therefore foul accusation or the accused?  I think we all know the answer to that one.

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