Two Ships Passing in the Night

Henry's Views

Two characters approximately the same age 35-40.  Both very successful and extremely competent in what they do as well as highly respected by everyone around them.  One is an executive in an advertising agency in Manhattan; the other is a Roman senator around 117 A.D.

First scene shows the advertising executive in his office negotiating an ad campaign with a client — both are dressed in expensive tailored suits.  It is clear from the advertising executive’s interactions with others that he is well respected, competent, and on top of his game.  The client becomes more and more excited with each suggestion made by the advertising executive.  Ultimately, the client enthusiastically shakes hands with the advertising executive — thanking him profusely — and departs; and the advertising executive takes a moment to peer out his skyscraper window, thoughtfully, at the spectacular view of mid-town Manhattan — his kingdom.

Next scene is…

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