Where Is Our Leader?

Henry's Views

Great civilizations, no doubt, can rise or fall depending on the presence or absence of an effective leader at a critical juncture.  Few would doubt that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the perfect leader to face a relentless depression and a terrifying world war.  His leadership still rings down through the ages with the echo of his forever familiar words, “Only thing we have to fear is fear itself” and “A date which will live in infamy.”  But what if there had been no FDR to face the double barrel perils of a depression and a world war?  What might have been the darker fate of mankind then?  What might it be today?

Of course we have many politicians who pledge to fight for seniors.  And defending the middle class is the stock and trade of the “successful” politician – that is, those who get re-elected.   And one must not forget…

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