Wizard of Oz Politics

Our politics imitate the Wizard of Oz, the Republicans have no heart and the Democrats no brain — except they, unlike the Scarecrow and the Tin Man, don’t care.

As for the Wizard himself, we have plenty of politicians who makes promises, promises, promises, and everything is miraculously free.  They never do get around to explaining how their utopia will actually be paid for — that’s the rub.  Taxpayers who pay the most are the least credulous of this hocus pocus, while that half of the population that pays nothing the most.

American politics are summed up by that old anecdote that is still relevant today.  It goes something like this: American politics are like going to see a comic movie.  You take your seat, and the movie is very funny.  Everyone in the audience, the public, is laughing their heads off at the ridiculous characters on the screen — the loonie politicians and their shenanigans  — but every once in a while, a live bullet comes out of the screen and kills someone in the audience.

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