Ancient Rome All Over Again

What happened in the Roman Empire was that, at a certain point, rich land owners bought out small farmers throughout Italy, and these ex-farmers moved to Rome to become the first urban proletariat that the Roman state had to support with the grain dole. In effect, you had a huge number of people who were no longer able to support themselves.

We are now witnessing the modern version of this with the US government providing everyone who makes less than 75k with “free” money. Unfortunately, nothing is really free. There will be consequences.

More “Liberal” Nonsense

Distorted Reality

It shows you what a distorted reality we are all in when it is thought to be a good thing that the government is giving away “free” money to everyone.

When the sugar high wears off after this latest round of the dole, the reality of our dire economic situation, with persistent high unemployment, will sink in. That’s when the Federal Reserve-induced stock market rally begins to unwind. You won’t want to be in it when that happens. The stock market takes the escalator up but the elevator down, as the saying goes. When there are no buyers and all sellers, you won’t be able to even get into your account to make sell orders.

Biden and the Left-Wing Dems

Bread and Circuses

Two thousand years ago, Juvenal characterized Roman society as needing only two things — bread and circuses.  For bread, there was the grain dole to all Roman citizens, and for circuses, the gladiator in the Coliseum and the chariot race in Circus Maximus (there were four teams to root for, identified by the colors of their jerseys, white, red, green, and blue).  American society isn’t all that different.  For food, we have our food stamps and welfare programs, and for circuses, we have televised professional sports where everyone has a home team to root for.  Has anything really changed?  Juvenal would be right at home in modern America.

“Bread and Circuses”

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