Putin and Russia are reacting just as Kennedy reacted in the Cuban missile crisis. They don’t want Ukraine to be a part of NATO with nuclear missiles there pointed at Russia and only minutes from hitting their targets. That’s what this is all about.

The relentless expansion of NATO into eastern Europe and ultimately Ukraine is what is causing this crisis, not Russia.

Avoiding Nuclear War

Putin and Syria/Turkey

Putin arranges deal that brings peace between Syria and Turkey.  It will be interesting to see how the US media plays this, given its rabid anti-Putin bias.

The US media never left the Cold War mentality.  That kind of rigid thinking is harmful in foreign policy.

It wasn’t really the US that put an end to ISIS in Syria, but it was Russia.  The US was indecisive in Syria, never really aligning itself with either side.  Russia was decisive in aligning with Assad and going after ISIS full throttle.

Putin is really emerging as quite the statesman.  He should be given credit for ending the civil war in Syria and also now for engineering a peaceful resolution with Turkey.  But will the US media give him this credit — fat chance.

Putin and Turkey

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