Ending Mass Migration the Clear Trend

More and more European countries are wising up and putting a stop to mass migration.  Italy is a case in point where mass migration of Africans into Italy has gone from 180,000 a year to just 3,000, and this is a direct result of the government taking action to prevent it.

So one can easily make the argument that Trump’s attempt to limit mass migration from Mexico and Central America is far from unusual.  In fact, it is the clear trend internationally.  Countries just don’t want to be swamped by masses of poor immigrants.  It’s that simple.

Italy and African Mass Migration

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Acid Attacks and No-Go Zones

The vast benefits of mass migration and multiculturalism — acid attacks in London, where they now have no-go zones.  Europe in general is under siege and prey to Islamic terrorists.  It is spiraling down toward chaos — don’t allow this to happen to America.

Build the wall.  Protect America from the unwashed hordes and from those who would do us harm.  Enforce immigration laws and stop coddling illegal immigrants.  Prosecute officials who promote sanctuary cities and states.

The nation has an absolute right to protect itself — assert that right.

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