Corrupt Government Commission

The Warren Commission had their agenda from the beginning as per the leadership of Dulles and LBJ.  The model of what a corrupt government commission looks like.  Truth was never the goal.

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Kennedy Assassination

Despite the well-know Lincoln quotation, the Kennedy assassination in Dallas proves that you can “fool all the people all the time”.  Even the mass media bought into the Oswald lone-gunman lie, and went after anyone who dissented.

I really don’t know which is more heinous and just plain dreadful.  That a deep-state government cabal linked with the Mafia carried out the assassination of a popular American president or that, subsequently, the government, through its appointed commission, invented a camouflage story that concealed the crime, and that virtually the entire country fell for it, including the media.  Which is worse?

Lincoln’s famous quotation

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United States of America

The country went south with the Kennedy assassination and all the lies in the cover-up, and it has never really recovered.  Really has been just a police state ever since, and all this talk now about a sinister “deep state” surprises me not at all.  I’m only surprised how surprised other people are.

When Caesar was killed, his assassins didn’t hide in the shadows and pin the blame on someone else.  That’s what happened with Kennedy.  And a cabal from the government and the mafia pulled it off.  Even more shocking, the government then was complicit in concealing who had committed the crime.  That should tell you the deep state can commit heinous crimes and you will never know about it — because that’s what happened with Kennedy.

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