Yogurt Adds

Silk Unsweet Almond Milk Yogurt with Vanilla. Add oat bran for the fiber, which will feed the bacteria, and take it with a probiotic pill as well. Boost for the gut bacteria. Stop using yogurts that have added sugar. They have so much sugar they are candy.

Silk Unsweet Almond Yogurt with Vanilla

Taking Care of Your Microbiome

Ate a very consciously super health-promoting lunch for the gut bacteria.  Seaweed, fermented sauerkraut with cinnamon from the local Health Food Store freezer, and beets.  First, a probiotic pill from Natren Healthy Trinity and a B12 pill (I’m a vegetarian).  Handful of pecans as a chaser.  The seaweed came with olive oil so there was fat in there to promote digestion.

I wonder how many people regularly eat specific foods for the health of their gut bacteria?  And what might those foods be?  Do you know?  Fiber is a key ingredient.  The little devils love it.


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