Twenty years or so ago, it was the low-fat craze — they demonized fat.  Then we discovered the body needs fat, and was especially low in Omega 3 fats, so the mantra was eat the right fats.  But now the pendulum has swung all the way over to the over consumption of fat — the Keto diet recommends that 70% of what you eat should be fat.  The Keto people are even now apologists for how “healthy” saturated fat is.  Crazy.

But don’t let it upset you.  Just wait another 20 years and fats will be all bad again.

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Losing Body Fat

This guy I see at the indoor pool swims religiously every day for 45 minutes and never loses any weight.  He has very bad knees and I think it must therefore sit a lot during the day.  But wasn’t losing any weight at all, and was just enormous around the midsection. He must be at least 100 pounds overweight with a huge waist line.  So a couple of weeks ago, I got up the nerve to tell him about intermittent fasting.  Actually sat down with him and explained how and why it works to reduce body fat.  And he said he would look into it.  Fast forward 2 weeks and I run into him again at the pool.  He’s all excited about intermittent fasting and is doing OMAD.  I’m only doing 20:4 but he’s already passed me and doing OMAD!  Will be interesting to see if he begins to really thin down over the next 6 months.  Drop that 100 pounds of body fat.  There’s a skinny person inside him trying to get out.

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Why You Can’t Reduce Belly Fat

Ketosis.  In a word, this is the reason we are so fat, but it is also the solution to belly fat and stored fat in general.  When the body can get its energy supply from currently digesting food, it avoids using stored fat.  That digestion cycle takes 12 hours — so for that period there is little to no ketosis, that is, when the body is substituting stored fat as it energy source.   Unfortunately, Americans tend to eat once again either before that 12 hour deadline or soon after, so that the body never really gets going with ketosis — thus the inability to reduce belly fat because we eat too frequently.

But here’s also where the solution lies, for any time past 12 hours that you don’t eat again, your body is now in full-blown ketosis mode.  So if you go for, say, 16 hours from one meal to the next, you’ve just had 4 hours of fat-burning ketosis.  If you do that on a regular basis — let’s say 4 or 5 times a week — you will see that belly fat finally begin to shrivel.  Make it just what you do, and you are destined to be that sleek — and healthy — person you’ve always wanted to be.


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