Iago in the White House

The only news here is that there is a mole in the White House (WH) pretending to be one thing when he’s really something else, while thinking that he knows better than the president.  In other words, a real scumbag, like Iago in Shakespeare’s Othello — a totally dishonorable person and liar with malicious intent.  And then you have the New York Times (NYT) eager to pick up his droppings so that they can smear Trump and peddle more newspapers — a new low for the NYT.  None of this has anything whatsoever to do with Trump, but it reveals boatloads about the NYT and about one despicable person in the WH — whoever that might be.  Bottom line: the WH has an Iago on staff — that’s the news here.

Actually, if you think at all critically about this situation, it is not particularly noteworthy that there is at least one Iago on the WH staff, as the WH staff totals 450 people assisting the president, a large number.  In fact, if there were only one Iago out of the 450, that would be remarkable.   

What we have here is yet another case of an unelected person working in government who thinks he has a right to assert his particular views and agenda.  It seems the federal government is filled with these people, not just career civil servants but even appointees by the party in power as well — what are being called the “deep state”.  Unfortunately, the concept is demonstrating some validity. 

But perhaps the true takeaway from all of this should be that it is naive to assume  individuals can completely divorce themselves from their own unaligned political views once they join the government — they may very well not, and so it is foolhardy to assume they always will.

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