“What’s New?” — CEO/Executive Flashcards

The purpose of this product “What’s Next?” is to provide CEOs/executives with a touchstone of issues which, as CEOs/executives, they frequently face, and to do it in an amusing and aesthetically pleasing way with a design that remains the same for the 33 images, that is, what I am calling “flashcards,” while the color scheme and 4 questions on each flashcard keep changing as you transition from one flashcard to the next in the slideshow – a subtle way to create and maintain the interest of the viewer.  The product is designed to work as a slideshow screen-saver when configured to do so on the CEO/executive’s PC/workstation or as a slideshow on a desktop accessory display.

I would also be interested in speaking to any companies who would take this on as a product — scan the JPG flashcards onto the thumb drives, package the product, market it to potential customers, and sell it to them.  The product is an obvious fit for either PC makers as a screen saver for corporate clientele or companies selling desktop accessories (i.e., small displays that can run slideshows), particularly to CEOs/executives.  (If you are aware of such a company, you might want to tell them about this post so that they can evaluate the potential of this product for themselves.)

Enjoy the slideshow.  How many of the 132 questions/issues do you understand?


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